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Friday, September 7, 2012

Questions or comments? I'm looking for more interaction!

Just posting this so I can get a larger viewing audience.  If anyone has any questions they may have for someone with ADHD feel free to post it or email me! Thanks.


  1. How can ADHD be treated with a child at the age of three (3) years old?

  2. Best advice (from a mother who went through the 3's): keep your child busy and active and doing many things. Worst thing is to put them into day care and expect them to sit still all day. Keep sugar intake down as that makes ADHD worse. Having the child do lots of climbing, or swinging on swings at playgrounds, catching a ball etc will lessen the ADHD. (Same to be said throughout their life...exercise/physical tasks wears down the ADHD). Somehow if you could give your child space and time to be themselves before plunging them into the world of school, which for people with ADHD is a challenge, it would help. Daycare and confining (ie sitting at a desk) situations are hard for young ones with ADHD. Oh and hug them a lot & encourage them.....goes a long way to helping :)